New opportunities for acquiring of Bulgarian citizenship

In the recent couple of years the bulgarian legislator has introduced different options for the acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship based on a particular investment in Bulgaria. KWR Belokonski Gospodinov & Partners advises and represents its international clients in the complex procedures for completion of the investment and the following Bulgarian citizenship acquisition. The main options are briefly summarized in the attached document. The specific legal prerequisites for acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship based on actual investments in Bulgaria are subject of separate consultation with our lawyers. More..

KWR Belokonski Gospodinov took part in an international legal research on trademarks

KWR Belokonski Gospodinov was part of the team of prominent lawyers, practicing in the field of intellectual property and technologies, which has conducted a cross-EU survey of the geographical factors in the assessment of genuine use of an EUTM, within the meaning of Art. 15 (1) and 51 (1) of the EU Trade Mark Regulation (No 207/2009, as amended). The systemized results of the survey has been published in the renowned legal magazine „Managing Intellectual Property magazine“ (MANAGINGIP.COM SEPTEMBER 2016).


Feature Trade Mark Use 

Pangea Net IP & Technology Practice Group

Bulgarian labour and social security law

KWR Belokonski Gospodinov is a trusted partner if the InvestBulgaria Agency contributing to updating the foreign investment legal frame and in particular regarding the Employment and Social Security law issues. More..

Barbara Kuchar in diePresse

The renowned Austrian newspaper die Presse, in its July 2017 edition, approached KWR professionals in the field of trade mark law regarding an interesting case. A Tirolian online shop is heavily penalized for allegedly plagiarizing the so called ”Wonder - Tree”. The KWR partner Barbara Kuchar comments the case as a distinguished trade mark expert. More..

Barbara Kuchar and KWR in JUVE

The renowned Austrian law magazine JUVE, in its July-August 2017 edition, distinguishes KWR in the field of intellectual property law. The activities of Barbara Kuchar (Partner in KWR) are rated excellent and KWR is rated as leading law firm (in fourth tier):

„…The establishment of KWR as recommended law firm in the field of IP and competition law is mainly due to the development efforts of Barbara Kuchar. Her excellent contacts to partner lawyers and international law firms procures KWR a steady supply with interesting IP-clients ….“ (excerpt)

    Oft recommended: Barbara Kuchar – „a very competent IP-lawyer“, „very good professional, consulting well-known clients“ , praising competitors Kuchars services.


KWR’s award in the field of construction law and real estate law

The renowned Austrian law magazine JUVE, in its May-June 2017 edition, distinguishes KWR in the field of construction law and real estate law. As usual KWR is ranked in the first top tier as leading law firm in construction law and as recommended law firm, ranked sixth, in real estate law:

„…KWR is ranked a leading law office in construction law and is highly recommended in real estate law…the competitors mainly distinguish KWR for ‘its excellent construction law expertise’“ (excerpt)

The leading KWR lawyer in this area, Dr. Georg Karasek, is described as “a really enormous name in construction law ”.