“For a company to grow successfully, it must be guided in a flawless way. In this respect, we are extremely pleased that we have been able to draw in KWR Belokonski Gospodinov for our consultants, both on current legal issues and in the execution of key transactions. Impeccable attitude, professional hygiene and fast reaction give us the confidence that our interests are protected.”

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“The nature of our business not once stand us against insurmountable cases at first look, requiring a precise and profound knowledge of international regulations and practice and local legislation. The ability to rely on a team of highly qualified consultants in different fields in the face of KWR Belokonski Gospodinov provides us with solutions to the problems and a comprehensive insight into our future business decisions.”

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“As a result of the interaction between the high professionalism of the lawyers from KWR Belokonski Gospodinov and their individual approach, our company gets competent solutions for a successful business.”

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“Our trust in KWR Belokonski Gospodinov was won in a critical situation for our company when the lawyers from the team showed an adequate attitude and balanced approach. So we have laid the foundations for our long-standing cooperation and we have been repeatedly convinced in the right choice of our consultants.”

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“We have been working with KWR Belokonski Gospodinov since the founding of our company in Bulgaria. The difficulties experienced by a foreign investor when entering the Bulgarian market were overcome owing to their efforts. With the help of their team of attorneys, we have succeeded in establishing ourselves and building a successful business, confiding in their different views, uncompromisingness and commitment to the needs we have.”

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